We grow specialty cut flowers for the Missouri market on land that has been in our family for two generations. At Boone’s Lick Heritage Farm we grow on a hilltop above the trail that Daniel Boone and many others traveled from Kentucky. Matt grew up tracing the wagon ruts as he played, and his connection to central Missouri and the land remains strong.

Our flowers include:

allium, peony, queen anne's lace, black eyed susan, bupleurum, larkspur, dill, foxglove, lambada, pincushion flower, iceland poppy, snapdragon, sweet pea, echinacea, zinnias and more


Farming philosophy

Permanent raised beds to minimize soil disturbance. No chemicals, ever. Drip irrigation from a retention pond. Cover crops in rotation. Fertility through compost. Worm and insect friendly. 


What we grow

Primarily hardy annuals, most fall-sown. Some perennials, and some trees. 



We collect residential food waste to produce compost for the farm while diverting compostable materials from landfills.

The Crew

What we grow


Missouri Insects, 2018 —>


A small selection of our visitors these past seasons.